Mrs J Weatherall Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr M Shield Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Miss R Coleman Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Mrs B McLachlan Deputy Safeguarding Lead

At Holy Family School we take our responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of our pupils seriously.  Our team of colleagues have advanced training in Safeguarding. Please feel free to contact them with any areas of concern. For further information, please visit our Safeguarding page.

Online Safety

Technology has become integral to our lives. The internet and digital information technologies are powerful sources of information for everyone and a great tool for learning. In order to ensure safe and appropriate use, we have added a range of resources and links which families may find useful, please see below.

Online Safety Information

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Online Safety Newsletters 23-24

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In The News…

Safer Internet Day 2024 - take a look at the Safer Internet Day Newsletter, along with the other guides and information on this page to stay safe online.

Meet Huggy Wuggy! He is a character from the game Poppy Playtime and looks harmless until he smiles!    

Although Poppy Playtime is not a brand new game, ‘Fan’ created videos and posts about Huggy Wuggy are increasing in popularity on apps such as YouTube and Tiktok. The game is recommended for children age 12+ due to moderate horror and violence and some primary schools are seeing themed games recreated in the playground. 

For further information and to find out more, please take a look at the Safer Schools website, Information About Huggy Wuggy

New Devices – there are some hints & tips in the New Devices Guide to help set up new devices.

BeReal – The latest trending social media app which encourages users to share daily photos at different times.  See the guide below for further details about how it works and how to stay safe.

Wink – Wink is a communication App which connects users, enabling them to share information, locations and images.  Please see the information guide below produced by National Online Safety.

TikTok – how safe is the app?   Please see information from Internet Matters for everything that families need to know!  Also take a look at the TikTok Information Guide

Twitch – This is popular with online gamers, it is owned by Amazon and has millions of users each day who live stream their gaming adventures for others to watch via their cameras.  Please take a look at Twitch Information Guide for full details.  

Remote Learning – as remote learning is being used more often to help children continue learning outside the classroom, please take a look at the Remote Learning Guide for some hints and tips.

Please scroll down the page for information about other popular applications.

Information Guides

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Stick & Poke Tattoos – We have been informed by Youth Workers in Darlington that a new trend doing the rounds on Tik-Tok is already being copied by young people in the local area.

Stick and Poke Tattoos are homemade tattoos using a needle/pin and in most cases pen ink is being used.   We are sure you can guess the risks they pose for serious infections and a badly done tattoo. 

Home tattoos are nothing new, but as these videos are trending on social media, they have the ability to reach even more young people and the possibility of them copying it are fairly high.

Below are links to examples of trending videos which may help with any appropriate discussions families may wish to have with young people about the risks and dangers. 

** Please be aware the videos may be quite detailed and are provided for information purposes. **

Stick & Poke Video

Stick & Poke Trending Videos


Other Useful Information



Internet Matters

NSPCC Keep your Child Safe Online

NSPCC Net Aware

NSPCC Share Aware

NSPCC Share Aware Booklet


UK Safer Internet Centre