SEN Information

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Local Offer - click to visit information provided by Darlington Borough Council.

Welcome to our SEN page which includes information, policies and details of local support and activities.  At Holy Family School, we are committed to supporting the needs of all pupils by providing an inclusive curriculum to ensure that all children are nurtured to reach and achieve their full potential.  

If families have any questions or require any support, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Sensory Motor Circuits

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Hello Everyone

Sometimes it is a good way to start the day with a little exercise and movement. At school we do a sensory circuit with specific children, we thought this would be worth sharing, as it may be useful to help break up the day at home and act as a regulation break between activities. The link above gives full information about the activities included.

I know many of you won’t have some of the specific equipment, however when I have tried this out at home we have used teddies instead of beanbags. We are lucky enough to have a trampoline and gym ball but I reckon jumping on the spot and using a cushion pile instead of a gym ball may work. Obviously you do need a little bit of space but this could be something you do outside.

Please consider the practicalities of your home and equipment from a health and safety point of view, but I hope you have fun!

Miss Coleman



Support Speech & Language

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To help support your child’s speech and language at home, please the information sheet produced by Northwood Primary School.



Memory Games

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See the Memory Games information for activities to aid memory skills, as well as speech and language.