At Holy Family we are committed to providing our children with as many engaging opportunities and experiences as possible to expand their interests and help them develop new skills outside of the classroom.

Activities & Clubs

We like to offer a variety of activities and clubs that take place at break times, lunch times and after school, for pupils of all ages. Tuition is provided by members of Staff and other specialist Coaches / Teachers from local Companies. We review our clubs each term so that we can keep providing stimulating experiences for our children. Please click here to see our current timetable.

Educational Visits

We aim to give children the opportunity to take part in a wide range of trips and visits to enrich their work in the classroom. Visits are carefully planned to enhance the curricular and recreational experiences for our students. Taking them to new learning environments helps to promote their confidence. They get the chance to apply the skills and knowledge they have acquired and become more independent in their learning.  

Residential Visits

Over the last few years our children in Year 6 have had the opportunity to take part in a three day residential trip. These visits enable the children to take part in a lot of different activities to build life skills, confidence and experiences away from their normal home and school environment. All specialist activities are carried out under the supervision of fully qualified instructors.

Take a look at our Gallery page for photographs of activities and outings.